Reactive Dutch Shepherd

Kona, 1.5 years old, came to us with moderate reactivity issues towards dogs and people. Being a dutch shepherd, I knew that helping him to overcome these issues would require a lot of structure and boundaries implemented into his life.

How We Helped

For Kona to thrive, he needed a lot of clarity and structure implemented into his day.

One of the biggest things that helped Kona's behavior was utilizing the crate! When Kona was home by himself, able to roam around freely, he was able to reinforce negative behaviors like barking out of the window, being hyperactive or destructive. Giving him mental clarity of having to do nothing while in the crate while his owners are out is going to help him now live an improved quality of life.

Kona was a very insecure dog who really depended on physical human touch to soothe his anxiety and build his confidence. Ultimately, he relied on his owners for the confidence that he needed to have on his own. This inhibited Kona's ability to move outside of his comfort zone without exhibiting nervous behaviors.

Natalie and Kona at Myrtle Beach

Therefore, we implemented very clear boundaries where Kona was not able to be in our personal space 24/7, for instance, on the couch or bed. When Kona tried to demand for attention or affection, we calmly and firmly put boundaries on our personal space and time.

We gave Kona accountability for his behavior by teaching him new commands that were very clear and concise for him to understand. This allowed us to counter-condition and desensitize him to his various triggers which then allowed us to go out into the world in provide him a positive experience.

Kona was able to come with us and be neutral in situations such as the beach, the park and other places that were previously very intimidating for him.

Now, Kona has the clarity and confidence to overcome the different challenges that life will throw his way!

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