Board & Train

We do the hard work so you can live the ultimate life with your dog.

All programs include:
Customized Training Plan
Private Go-Home Lesson
Complimentary Transport
Pro Equipment Package
Ongoing Lifetime Support
Photo & Video Updates

We teach your dog skills they will use every single day.

Perfect Loose-Leash Walk
Your dog will learn to walk on leash beside you without pulling, lunging, getting distracted, sniffing, or marking.
Reliable Recall
Your dog will learn to come when called on-command, even in distracting environments.
Calm Training
We will teach your dog how to remain in a calm and neutral state, even around triggers. They will gain confidence around other dogs and other stimuli.
Duration in Commands
By the end of training your dog will be able to hold their commands for extended periods of time, no matter the situation.
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Common Questions

How much are your programs?
Our Board & Train programs range from $2750-5500. During a free consultation, we will recommend a program based on your budget and training goals. We require a 50% deposit to reserve a training date and the rest is due upon drop-off unless otherwise discussed.
Do you require the prong & e-collar?
We condition dogs to the prong & e-collar during our programs so that you, the owner, have an easily maintained, reliable, and consistent method of communication with your dog across your entire household. The long-term use of these tools varies for each dog and can be used as little or as much as your dog needs.
How old does my dog need to be for training?
We recommend scheduling a Board & Train program for your dog once they are 6 months of age or older.
How far in advance should I schedule training?
Due to high-demand, we recommend completing your training application and placing your deposit 30-60 days in advance to your desired start date.