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Once upon a time, we caught ourselves staring at our dogs, wondering what we could be doing better to enjoy our time together more. Wondering how we could be doing better... because we knew we were living a dull version of the life we could be living with our dogs.

We found ourselves thinking back to all of the hopes and dreams we had for life with our dogs on the very first day we had brought them home.

Like you, we knew the way things were right then and there wasn’t how we wanted to live out our lives with our canine companions. But the more we thought we knew, the more opportunities we discovered to drill deeper, to learn more.
After having our dogs professionally trained, Natalie decided to pursue a part-time career as a dog trainer to continue expanding her knowledge and hands-on experience at a big facility.

Shortly after, her and Matt fused their talents together to create their first Youtube video which further inspired them to begin their own dog training company. Thus, Canine Performance was born.

Since being founded in the summer of 2019, Natalie and Matt have helped thousands of dog owners all over the world improve the lives they lead with their dogs.
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A growing team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

Natalie Dobkins
Co-Founder & Head Trainer
Matt Hubble
Co-Founder & Manager
Rebecca Wright
Digital Specialist
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