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Board & Train

During a Board & Train program, your dog  comes to stay with us for a fully-immersive training experience.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great option for owners who are eager and willing to be hands-on in their dog’s training experience.

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Virtual Training

Our Virtual Training is perfect for those who want direct, hands-on support, guidance, and instruction via teleconferencing.

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From our initial consultation, my husband and I could tell how knowledgeable and eager Natalie was to create a plan specific for our dog, Ollie.


Raleigh, NC

Oh my God. Natalie turned Dogzilla into a respectable member of society in 10 days! The rest is on us. Our dog is a delight after his time with Natalie!


Raleigh, NC

The transition home was amazingly simple.  Natalie gave such thorough instructions that it has been simple to reinforce the training she did.


Wake Forest, NC

Natalie is patient and understanding. She understands people as much as pups. It's not magic, you have to be willing to do the work as well.


Holly Springs, NC
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We can help you and your dog with any of the issues below, and more!

Leash Pulling
Counter Surfing
Jumping on guests
Separation Anxiety
Trash Diving


Natalie Dobkins
Head Trainer
Natalie is founder and head trainer at Canine Performance. She has been training dogs professionally for 3 years.
Matt Hubble
Matt helped co-found Canine Performance with Natalie in the summer of 2019. Matt works behind the scenes to run and grow the business.
Assistant Doggo
Aurora is a 5-year old Siberian Husky and Matt's first dog. She is known for her sass, independent attitude, and sunbathing. She also loves the 'Touch" command.
Assistant Doggo
Atlas is a GSD/Husky mix. Natalie and Matt adopted Atlas together when they first started dating. He is never too far away from people and is ready to work for food at any given moment.
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